The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions

About Max

Max Sharam is a classically trained singer and multi award winning songwriter and performer living in New York City. Max cut her teeth in professional theatre in Europe, age 19, where she starred in various musical theatre productions while also recording and touring her first LP. In the late 90’s Max signed with Warner Music and released the album, A Million Year Girl, a “warped celebration of revenge, humor, and post-modern genre blending” with the first single hitting the top ten nationally & voted the 8th most popular song of the year by Australia’s JJJ Radio Network. Her LP elicited a strong response from the international press, made Top 30 & within months sold platinum, receiving 8 ARIA Award nominations. Max’s own one-woman & experimental performance pieces have been part of Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Hong Kong Fringe and New York Arts Festival. She has shared the stage with greats like Patti Smith, K.D.Lang, Melissa Etheridge, Dylan and Tori Amos, and toured with Cyndi Lauper and Chris Isaak. Max’s love for learning, hybridization and technology keeps her exploring new art forms. Max holds an Masters in Interactive Digital Media and Animation Directing. She plays guitar and pipe organ.

Recording Artist

Her first record deal came in Italy, age 19. Max just 20 sold-out the famous FOLK STUDIO in Rome. then toured Europe solo with her guitar. In the 90s Max signed to Warner and had three top 40 hit singles in Australia from her top 10 album A MILLION YEAR GIRL returning to Europe to tour, both as a soloist with guitar & again with her Quirky (string) Quartet.


Before signing with Warner Music Max made a living as a stand-up comedian. She performs her offbeat act at Comedy Stores in Sydney, LA & more recently Broadway Comedy Club, New York.


Max’s first animated music video for her song PERMANENT RESIDENT. If you are looking to have a music video made please reach out.

Podcast & Vlogs

During the pandemic Max produced & recorded her Podcast ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS! In 2012 she produced 12 Episodes of a VLOG containing early animations FOUR MINUTEa

 — BLACK & WHITE STUDIO MAGAZINE  —     Captivating, Eccentric, Powerful, Eclectic. A 21st Century Diva


 — CHRIS ISAAK                                 “Max is a lot like Madonna – only she can sing!” 

“Her voice is utterly captivating. She conjures coloratura, she purloins punk, her voice liquifies love
& emulsifies emotion.”

— LONDON OBSERVER —             “Sharam has Factor X in such abundance that you can forgive her almost anything..”

— LA WEEKLY —                                       “…Seemingly possessed by the soul of a punk rock heavenly angel and capability to evoke theatrics of Shakespearean magnitude with just a slight vocal inflection, Australian Max Sharam unravels fairy tales & lovelorn melodrama in her music.”