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Captivating, Eccentric, Powerful, Eclectic. A 21st Century Diva... Max Sharam, born in Australia, is a musician and artist in New York City. Her work has aired on film and television, galleries and festivals.

Her voice is utterly captivating. She conjures coloratura, she purloins punk, her voice liquefies love and emulsifies emotion...

Max performed and produced the music for AFI award winning documentary Forbidden Lie$ which was shown at MOMA (Museum of Modern Art, NY) and has written, shot and edited music videos and video stories since getting hold of her first camera in her teens. In 2008 Max was included in the Berlin Film Festival with her video piece 'Sleeping Beauties', showing along side Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno.

Max's video pieces and songs, 'Flying', 'Actor Girl' and 'Is it Okay if i call you mine?' featured in the innovative installation '29 Palms, CA' as part of the Stefanie Schneider exhibit shown at Galerie Spesshardt & Klein in Berlin, Germany and in Arles, France in summer 2008. Max has guest hosted and performed on numerous television shows and periodically stars in stage musicals. In 2006 she was Jean Lee in The Hanging of Jean Lee at the Sydney Opera House Studio Theatre. Her own unusual one-woman performance pieces have been part of Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Hong Kong Fringe Festival and New York Arts Festival.

Max Sharam travels extensively, and her imagination draws upon this unique life experience and the people she meets. Always in motion, her multi-disciplinary work explores the constant quest of what it means to 'fit' in and 'accept'.

Through a combination of performance, video, art and music, Max challenges people to question the idiosyncratic origins of their opinions and the universality of their awkwardness. With humor and music and distinctive imagery, she chaperones the viewer/listener through an emotional experience that seeks to expose the vulnerable underbelly while bringing her audience to question the easy answers they may have been raised to trust. She attempts to break down preconceptions and liberate people, guiding them to their embrace of the unknown.

Raised on a sheep farm & an Arabian horse stud in Australia, in an area called Musical Gully (named for the sounds of picks and shovels from the gold rush era), Max came of age in an atmosphere of wide open spaces that imposed no bounds on her imagination.

After graduating from Arts College, Max brought her guitar to Europe, where she sang, wrote and performed her own compositions in clubs & theatres throughout.

While performing in Florence, RAI News Journalist/Producer Carlo Picone invited Max to audition for, Forza Venite Gente, a popular musical in Rome, for which she landed a lead role, allowing Max to work alongside some of Italy's greatest talents, Silvio Spaccesi, Oreste Lionello. The hit musical played to full houses then toured for two years.

Other Italian Theatre productions readily engaged her, notably Kolbe directed by the renowned Polish Film Director - Krzysztof Zanussi. She received the Star of the Year award at Genoa's Cole Porter Festival, recorded a dance LP I'm Occupied, and her story La Ragazza con la Chitarra was documented for RAI TV.

After a year in Japan studying Taiko drums and fronting a Japanese band in Hiroshima, Max returned to Sydney.
Her acoustic spots at club Kinselas attracted wide audiences and critical acclaim.

In 1995 Max signed with Warner Music. Later that year Warner released her EP, Coma. A warped celebration of revenge, humor, and post-modern genre blending, Coma hit the top ten nationally and was voted the 8th most popular song of the year by Australia's JJJ Radio Network.

Her follow-up album, A Million Year Girl, elicited a strong response from the press making the Top 30 and within months A Million Year Girl goes platinum and receives 8 ARIA Award nominations.

For fans of Max Sharam no descriptions are necessary. Plug into the universal heartbeat, trust your spirit, and walk boldly over the horizon: that is Max.

A rebel of anguish I rise to greet my despair




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Permanent Resident


ongs inspired by tabloid stories of adolescent girls and the tensions between rebellion and criminality and the conflict between conformity and emotional authenticity.


Released 29 August 2013 All songs written and performed by Max Sharam.
Poem by T. S. Eliot Produced by Malcolm Burn and Max Sharam in New York and Australia Strings recorded by Daniel Denholm.
Guitar: Mark Axiak and Stephen Griesgraber
Upright Bass: Linda Oh.
Drums: Tom Pollard.
Keyboard: Malcolm Burn.
Strings: Virginia Comerford & Michelle Kelly.
Spoken word: Hektor Munoz
Photography: Brooke Shaden.
Mixed by David Nicholas.
Design & layout: Max Sharam
Thank you to Nico Mansy & Andrew Sully.
©All Rights Reserved

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