Max Sharam


She loves : - Dali's love for Gala, the passionate elongated strokes of El Greco, OPERA (but not necessarily Operas) Freddie Mercury, Edward Gorey, artists Tim Burton, Mark Ryden, John Currin, Michael Caine, Lucille Ball, John Lennon, Liberace, Endora, Pee Wee Herman, the 'ornate', the 'avant -guard', TRUTH! (but not necessarily reality), computers, stainless steel, neuroscience, equality, love, sex, luggage, mules, hares. Peace. Silence.

 She lives a lieless life. She has a penchant for red wine. She never runs out of coffee, milk or lemons. She loves the piano. She loves whipped cream. She has an eye for antiques, likes old clocks and anything that measures anything...the compass, the thermometer, the sphygmomanometre, the Decibel Counter, the Geiger counter...the spoon.
Her blonde headed, porcelain skinned niece went to  school on an Island north of  Arnhem Land where she was the only white child.

  • She wants an aboriginal baby but can't imagine being a mother.
  • Her mother breeds Champion Arabian Horses, they are all branded with treble clefs and called names like Allegro, Minuet, Tremolo, Vibrato...
  • She loves that.
  • She has the same bra size as Sharon Stone. She should be in Mensa.  
  • Her family is remote. Scattered. Detached. Her ancestors were nomadic Berbers and failed aristocrats. 
  • Max and her girlfriend made two video clips; she  a previous Olympic Ice-skater, skates in one. There were made on Super 8 in the Warehouses in which they lived. 'Crashlanding!' is hauntingly beautiful. Max wrote and produced the track with the Electric String Quartet.
    • Max is a loner with no patience.

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