Max Sharam


12" Vinyl Edition of HYSTERIA EP with self portrait of Max on a pyre of hand crafted crochet.

Permanent Resident - Single

Produced and released independently by Purple Flower Music,  the song was originally written for the film The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, directed by Julian Schnabel—the true story of French ELLE editor, Jean-Dominique Bauby, who suffered a stroke and lived with locked-in syndome; only his left eye wasn't paralyzed and so he was able to communicate using one eye. Using appropriated imagery, paintings by Frida Kahlo and collage Max animated the music video (linked)


Snow Child - Single

Produced and released independently by Max Sharam on the 21st anniversary of the murder of  JonBenét Ramsey. The limited edition single contains two tracks, the second being the master version of Permanent Resident.


The Gods Envy - EP

Released and produced independently by Max Sharam as a teaser for her tour with Cyndi Lauper, the EP features a mix of the song Belle of The Ball, based on the story of 'The Prom Mom', (Melissa Drexler) who gave birth in a bathroom at her Prom. All songs are written by Max Sharam. An independent art video was created for the song Hysteria and an animated short is being made for Belle of The Ball.

  • 1. Hysteria (T.S Eliot) [1:09]
  • 2. Hysteria! (The Gods Envy) s [4:14]
  • 3. Belle Of The Ball [3:46]
  • 4. Keep Dreaming  [3:49]
  • 5. Permanent Resident (Instrumental) [3:01]

Max Sharam: The
                                                  Gods Envy - EP


A Million Year Girl - Album

Released in Australia by Warner and in the US through Sire and in the Europe by East West, A Million Year Girl comes with some beautiful cover artwork. On the front is a photo of Max with a gorgeous ocean/gorge-scape behind her and a wooden doll house in front. The inner sleeve opens out as if you are opening the doors into the doll house - it then transferring you into a fantastic and mysterious kingdom.


The album contains the following tracks: which can be downloaded from itunes

Download Max Sharam: A
                                            Million Year Girl iTunes

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¥  1. Be Firm [3:47]
¥  2. Coma [3:43]
¥  3. Purple Flower [4:19]
¥  4. Lay Down (Candles In The Rain) [4:01] - A Melanie Safka cover
¥  5. Is It OK If I Call You Mine? [2:59] - From the movie "Fame"
¥  6. A Toast To... [0:18]
¥  7. Jezu's Jewellery[4:00]
¥  8. Huntinground [4:29]
¥  9. Can I Catch Fire? [3:57]
¥  10. Alice[4:34]
¥  11. Learning To Let Go [2:51]
¥  12. Raining Angels [4:11]
¥  13. Orchestra Au Naturel [3:45]

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                                              coverComa - EP

The EP has a gatefold cover in sepia tones. On the front is a picture of Max laying with a lion. Inside is Mermax! along with the lyrics to most of the songs. The EP version has been deleted, however the lucky few may find copies left at record stores.

The EP contains the following tracks: which can be downloaded from itunes

Download EP from

¥  1.Coma(A Million Year Girl)
¥  2. Hunting Ground
¥  3. U Cradle Me
¥  4. Is it OK if I call you mine?
¥  5. CrashLanding!


Expired coverLove is Waiting - from the film Expired

Custom written for the feature film EXPIRED starring Jason Patric and Samantha Morton

Coma -  Single

The single has the same picture on the front, but in blue tones, and does not have the gatefold cover, so no lyrics or Mermax! picture.

The tracks on the EP are:

¥  1. Coma
¥  2. U Cradled Me
¥  3. CrashLanding!

Track 3, Crashlanding!, was produced and arranged by Max.

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Laydown - Single

Mixed by Tom Lord-Alge

¥  1. Laydown (candles in the rain), M. Safka (Warner Chapell)
¥  2. Laydown, M. Safka (Warner Chapell)
¥  3. Laydown (instrumental), M. Safka (Warner Chappel)
¥  4. Koma, M. Sharam (EMI / Purple Flower Music Australia)

Track 4 is Coma sung in German by Max.


Be Firm - Single

This single has a picture of a miniature Max with black hair on a swing in the palm of a mans hand.

¥   1. Be Firm
¥   2. Out in the Cold

The second track subject matter is the 'Maga' or Autumn of a woman's life.

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ComaCarma - Vinyl Single REMIX

This single contains a very long and, shall we say, interesting, trance version of Coma and Nick Launay's 007-ish remix of Huntinground.

      1. Is it okay if I call you mine? 2:59
      2. Huntinground 4:19
      3. Comacarma (Coma re-mix) 13:00


"Queen Charles"